Journal Entry : Introduction

Journal Entry #1

On the occasion of re-creating and creating anew..... I have decided to write and publish this journal. Here I will write about process, ideas, and the various thought steps (intellectually speaking) that go into the various works. I will be connecting my personal motivations and inspirations that are woven into the works as well, which I do not share lightly….. but I hope will connect the viewer to the work and to the maker as well. The “saving grace” of doing so is that I believe we are all more alike than we are different. I am just a person. I just happen to make these images and try to form connections. And give “voice” to our shared existence.

I will not be writing about technical aspects of making the work.... only, perhaps, if there is interest or if doing so would prove interesting. I may also comment on other things outside of the studio..... as the world has it’s own impact on the creative mind and process.

I refer to this as a journal instead of as a blog..... mostly because I hope to give a different “view” into the goings on with the work and myself... a more interior view.

That is the goal.