Wave    Oil on Panel   6 x 6 Inches

Wave   Oil on Panel   6 x 6 Inches

"Wave" is the most recent painting... which I finished this morning. It is part of the "Miniature Paintings" series which I've been focused on for the most part. It is a direct off shoot of the previous miniature "Pacifica".  Keeping with the theme, of late, of what I like to call "Love Notes to the West Coast"..... I wanted to try to capture the beauty and interesting nature of waves themselves. This painting was not only a "departure" from how I usually compose a painting but became almost a separate subject altogether! I don't mind saying that it was a real challenge to paint......  the high level of abstraction inherent in the subject- composed like this- together with not having tried this before, was a journey in "letting go" of expectations... both self-imposed and those of what viewers might have as well. I will be very interested to know how you, the viewer, will "see" this painting.  Another aspect of this miniature series is relaying the "context" for works this small.... giving the dimensions alone does NOT seem to get the scale across, as I have blogged about in a previous post "When Scale Is Critical..." 

   Wave   (In Context)  To illustrate the SCALE of the painting

Wave  (In Context)  To illustrate the SCALE of the painting

I have included this "in context" photo to help illustrate the scale of the work.  The scale of these landscape paintings is critical to the work. Simply defining the height & width & depth of these using words alone has NOT been adequate to communicate this..... and so, I add the "In Context" images as well.  This piece is available through the studio directly until it is dry and varnished and placed with a gallery. Email for information through the "Contact" page on the site.