One Door Closes........

“I watch the ripples change their size but never leave the stream….” ~ David Bowie

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Over the course of this past year and a half (and really, over many years now), I have considered and even proclaimed the intention of closing the Studio. I am not one to “fold” easily, as is evidenced by what is now a 10 year period of this very struggle. Even though I have been driven to “folding” many times, I (seemed to have) found ways to “hold on” and try “one more thing”…. one more “roll of the dice”, one more “shot” -with a different iteration or approach to moving forward. Given all of that, I believe (and can honestly say to myself) that I gave the Fine Art Studio (resurrection, reinvention) every chance over MANY years. And so, I move on without regret and without a sense of loss…… looking forward!

There is something called “the fallacy of sunk costs”. It is a gambling term, as I understand it. Basically, the “gambler” convinces himself that stepping away from the “game” at any given time means that all the “losses” incurred will be for naught, permanent and therefore truly lost. As long as there is “one more roll, spin, hand” etc…. where “winning” is possible, the lost or “sunk” costs are still recoverable. There are many versions of this kind of rationalization in many corners of life. This has been the way I have been thinking as well. Over the course of he past 18 months I have proceeded, keeping in mind that I HAVE been using the “fallacy of sunk costs”…. and going through all the possible ways to recoup (resurrect?) what seemed to have been “lost’. And so, I went through my mental list of the possible ways to salvage the Fine Art Studio… checking items off as they were tried and giving enough time for any of my ideas to take hold. Recently I checked off the LAST item on my list. And so, the time has come to move on. As I said above…. without regret. Knowing that I played my hand(s) as well as I could.

Oddly enough, there is a sense of relief. My disdain for the “Fine Art” market and business model with which it operates, has only grown over the years. It was there when I was fully immersed in it….. And now, the decision to not be involved in that… or with some of the people involved- is also a relief. I have come to learn, and in many cases, have experienced first hand…. the unsavory practices, personalities, incompetence and idiotic ideas permeating the art market…. from top to bottom. For those of you who know the market… enough said. For those of you who do not…. it may be a “rant” for another time. Maybe not. We’ll see.

Announcement and launch of the new Studio will be forthcoming. At this time…. it is not enough to be a ripple that changes size but never leaves the stream. It is time to change streams. I do not know what this will mean or where it will lead….. there is something enticing, unnerving and beautiful about that idea.