Artist Statement

Marine Layer II (front).jpg

The works I create are rooted in Formalism, informed by Minimalist Art practice and aesthetic.This is the starting point. Upon that foundation, I build the works using intuitive as well as quasi-mathematical structural methods which compliment each other, yielding a balance of qualities between the Minimalist aesthetic and the artist’s “hand” in an art-object -without mutual exclusion. Subtle surface techniques preserve the artist’s “hand” to amplify the “art-object” nature of the pieces. Incorporating mostly “traditional” art materials over industrial (non-art) materials also enhances the art-object quality of the work. The goal is to achieve a simplicity of form while retaining the expressive nature of an art object. where subtlety and economy allows form to speak and exist on it’s own terms. Reference to the man-made and natural worlds “ground” the work beyond the self-referential didacticism of a strictly Formalist practice. Ultimately, beauty and elegance in form remain the foremost concern within the work.