The Shape of Water Post 72.jpg

Artist Statement

I am an image maker, making images conceived from ideas from various sources and interests. I am interested in stories, in narrative, in the human condition, reflecting both the personal and the universal (which are often one and the same). The open-ended narrative preserves the mystery and poetry in the final image, much like the source images I use to start with….old tintypes, daguerrotypes, etc…. (combined with “found”, camera-created and my own painted images). The antique photos are disconnected from their own history and narrative but retain glimpses of their human condition. This process allows the resulting images to take shape without any preconceived notion of what they will be- allowing the viewer to approach them from their own experiences.The resulting images stem from the process as much as the materials themselves. Often, I have a vague idea to begin with. Even when an idea has more specificity to it, the process is fluid and images take on a life of their own, taking shape through intuition as well as (sometimes in spite of) a planned out “illustration”- again, preserving mystery and poetry in an image. The old photographs, lines from a song, a book, a poem, a film or some philosophical exchange are the starting points for image making. “Chance favors the varied mind” as I once heard said. While the works are created using Photoshop, and are photo oriented, I bring my years as a fine art painter, print maker, mixed media artist into the sensibility of these digitally created images.